Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Almost autumn

It's almost turning to autumn now and I don't feel bad about it at all. Every year I get so stupidly stressed in like the middle of June because already at that time, already, people always asks me if I had a good (or bad) summer. Wtf?? In my opinion summer has barely begun in June. These pictures are taken by me a couple years ago. Not in June (ironic) but in the middle of September and that is in my opinion the month you can say: "Autumn is here!" 

I love birches. For me they look really exotic here in Sweden and stand out from the other trees around, although I like them all.

Matching the yellow leaves, haha. All cred to our bathroom's lighting. :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Random thoughts


Planning to save some money to buy colored contact lenses again. White ones as usual if you can count white as a colour. ;) But first of all, should I become a sponsor for the endangered elephants. Join WWF and you can easily help them or/and other animals too, if you care and can spare some money to it because it doesn't have to be expensive just so you know. :)

This weekend started with a concert here in my little town Sk√∂vde. Entombed and Miseration were the bands we were going to see. Sadly I felt damn tired after work and it wasn't the same thing at all going out without Sara who should had join me and our other friends, so I went home before Entombed entered the stage. I felt half without her. But Miseration did a great job before that, and it always feels warm in my heart meeting up with good friends and we decided to meet again soon when everybody can join and feel good, making sushi together. 
We where invited to visit Ninni and Johnny in a couple of weeks and both me and Sara are really looking forward to it because the're really good people! And they have the sweetest BIG dogs you can imagine. ;) Hope to see the other friends there that we care about too. <3

Now I sit here, and mostly of this months bills are payed because I'm a good girl. Sara is at a big second-hand in a town nearby and I have prepared some dinner for us to eat when she gets home. Hope she'll like it. Sunday-dinner for my sweet darling. <3

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dear Diary!

I'm having such a good day today! Slept well and woke up happy beside my Love, who only slept like an hour this night but seems in a good mood anyway and that's great! Drove our little red newly-washed (yesterday) dwarf to work having super-great lunch in the seat beside me that my sweet Sara had made me and I looked forward the whole morning to eat it all up a few hours later - yammy! :) Work went well and after that I drove to my sweet parents house to check it out because they're gone for a week in Greece (not jealous). I phoned Darling and told her I would take a little nap in my parents sofa because it had been noisy at work. She seemed happy in phone, busy doing fun stuff at home like listened to good music and more. I slumbered for an hour and then went home to get some hugs and kisses from my Sara and two super-sweet cats. This day it was my turn to make us lunch/dinner for tomorrow so I have made two (big) portions of sallad with lots of quorn, pasta and vegetables in it. Hope she'll like it! We're trying to be healthy. <3 
   Now I sit here and try to transfer photos from my computer to my hard drive but it is mischievous and does not want to work, but really it's the computer that causes trouble. What to do? But I'm feeling great anyway.
   And now I'm planning to play a bit Super Mario bros 3 at our (Sara's) old Nintendo and later having more hugs and kisses from her and our two fluffy sugar-sweet animals. <3

Guess what world this is? :D

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New photos

Here are some new photos I have taken and played a little bit with:

Sara in my parents car on our way to visit my grand-mother who recently turned 84.

 Roots. On a day-trip to a magic place called Tiveden here in Sweden.


 Sara. <3 Connection.

 Water lilies

*Sara the other day*

Monday, August 20, 2012

Alice Cooper in Gothenburg

Here are some of the photos I took of Alice Cooper when he had concert in Gothenburg at the 8th of August. Here you go:

He did an amazing show for us and I think he was in great shape for being 64 (if I remember it right) years old. The sound was surprisingly heavy and of course he did the great old hits such as "Poison", "School's out", "Only women bleed" and many, many more. The concert lasted for almost two hours. I had heard that it would keep on shorter so I was happy. Highest score for Mr. Cooper! And of course he got his head cut off. ;)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lego: Monster Fighters!

Sara found this in a store: Monster Fighters by Lego. A new serie! She just had to have this one; Dracula with his coffin and car driven by a zombie. ^^ Later I helped her a bit to build it together. She also bought a figure that looks a bit like the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Really cool stuff! 

 There were other things there as well for example The Mummy and some kind of ghost train. :)

Polish polish polish

Got this lovely nail polish from Sara yesterday. <3 <3 <3 Thank you, darling! Never heard of the name ADEN Cosmetics. :)

This one (IsaDora) I got from Siv the other day as a late birthday-present among other things as shower-gel, make up-pencils and so on. Thank you! :D