Saturday, July 28, 2012

Grave Encounters

A couple of weeks ago me and my love watched Grave Encounters and naah... it was'nt really that good... I know it came many months ago and there are many trailers of it at Youtube and the things that happen in them are basically the only things happening in the movie.

"For their ghost hunting reality show, a production crew locks themselves inside an abandoned mental hospital that's supposedly haunted - and it might prove to be all too true."

It wasn't worthless, but for me it's that kind of movie you see when you're a bit ill as I was that day, going to town for take away sushi and eating it in front of some b-horror movie you don't have to pay so much attention to because you already know how it's going to end. :)

As a paranthesis I thought there were a bunch of disturbing characters in the movie, for example this typical hysterical "good-looking" girl that I hoped would be the first one to die but unfortunality she survived a bit longer. 

Ozric nails

Green nail polish from Rimmel covered by a half-transparent purple nail polish from Viva la Diva.

Nail polish from elf. "Moonlight" is it's name and I couldn't agree more, it's really magical. :)


Friday, July 20, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012

Present nails

My nails at the moment. They're ooold nail polish almost forgotten so I felt a bit sad for them and used them for maybe the last time... I always have a hard time throwing old nail polish away - you can always do spots and similar stuff with them. ^^

This weekend's makeup

I have been lousy updating new makup-looks here lately. This one I did just a few days ago before me and my love were going to visit my parents. My lovely little-sister and aunt were there too, but not my brother - he's on a journey down in Europe. We miss him so much! He's recently been to Transylvaniaaa... gaah! Not jealous (at all...) Anyway, here are the pics before I took off some makeup. I was on a really "cuddly" mode and didn't want to put makeup-marks all over my girl's beautiful hair and clean clothes. ^^ The lipstick for example isn't "kisseable", that you have to have a lip stain for.

I have used products from Nivea, H&M and elf. None of them test their products on animals. <3

By the way - today our Zelda turns 7 years old! Happy birthday to her! <3<3<3

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lost our mind?

So... me and my Darling have a new summer interest: running wild around in the woods hunting lost people.

Or... we are just up to painting our summer-house in a sweet, blood-red colour. It's going to be sooo nice! We are just done with one side of the house and it feels really good taking care of it. The cats haven't seen anything of that yet, and we're not going to show them until it's all done. And then I mean the "big" house and two small houses that belongs to it. A big summer project and I am very potitive about it. <3

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Focused on Zelda

Our almost 7 year old cat Zelda has a tough time right now with her Osteoarthritis. We're going to the vet with her next week so they can take a look at her again. 

We really trust our vet (and of course the other vets working there too) who is a really nice guy who takes things seriously. A few months ago he did a surgery on Zelda. She had a problem with watery eyes and I who have known Zelda since she was a baby always thought it was because she's a little bit short-nosed. Almost every year I asked my/our former vet-place if they could do anything but they didn't know, gave her some eye-drops a few times that didn't help.

Zelda at the age of 1-2 years. The photo is a little bit fuzzy but you can see the difference if you compare with the photo above. The eyes are much more cloudy here.

But then we changed vet-place and asked a new guy to take a look at her and he immediately saw what was wrong: her eyelids were "rolling" in against the eye and caused pain and was very unpleasant for her. the cause is called entropion and both human and animals can have it. A surgery had to be done, no doubt about it and my lovely Sara helped me a lot with the payment since the whole insurance didn't cover everything. And now - look how beautiful the eyes turned out! It's a great relief Zelda has well-functional eyes now! <3

She has seemed a bit happier the recent days. Maybe because of the high quality food Sara bought her or because of like the best toy she and Zeus have ever seen: a little cute Chtulhu, filled with extra strong American catnip Sara found at a market last weekend and gave to her (first night our sweet little darlings almost picked the eyes out of the poor thing). Probably because of both things mixed with a lot of love from her family.

Zeus looking after Sleeping Beauty while she's taking a nap in her basket. She has left Chtulhu in front of it. <3


 Nail-polish from Depend. If you want to know the exakt hue, just ask.

Claudia, 10 kronor (about 1 euro) from Ullared. I never buy expensive nail-polishes. Maximum 10 euro and if so it has to have high quality.

And yes, I have started to write here in English... like for 5 minutes ago, hehe. Reason? Because I felt like it. ^^