Sunday, November 25, 2012

New toilet seat!

Sitting here listening to music (Killing Joke, Christian Death, Play Dead etc). It's so damn dark outside nowadays that sometimes I really have to force my eyes to be open. But the darkness here in town isn't anything compare to the darkness outside our summer house we were visiting yesterday. Had a really great day out there away from people and noise. We were using the fireplace a LOT. :) Sara made us the best pancakes in the universe after we'd done some things like cutting a bit of some trees which were scratching against the ceiling. We are preparing for taking the cats with us some weekend soon and spend it together all four of us in the forest. =^_^=

Last weekend we were visiting Thora, Saras extra-grandmother. <3

We were also (not me really I stayed at home) buying such an exciting thing as a new toilet seat for one of our bathrooms. We really hated the last one! It was a god-damn murder-weapon! It almost kicked you off to the floor because it couldn't sit still. So now we have a new one. Black with golden spots... I know it doesn't seems that nice but it actually looks like coming from a mountain or so. ^^ But the main reason we took it was because they hadn't these in store: