Sunday, December 2, 2012

LUSH - Caca Noir - update

I am sitting here with Caca Noir from LUSH in my hair. As I wrote in a previous post I was going to test their hair color. As you know their hair colors are made of Henna, absolutely cruelty-free and totally vegan. You can buy it for about 145 SEK. 

Anyway, I colored my hair with three blocks of the cake a few days ago and nothing happened. I waited 2-3 days because I have read it can take a few days for the color to appear. After 24 hours I saw my hair had gone a little bit more darker and in bright light the whole hair shifted in deeply tones of red as I also had read before because Henna is naturally red and to get the dark color LUSH has been blending Indigo (witch is blue) in it and that can lead to blue tones in your hair among the black/dark tones. I really thought it was exciting to crack the blocks (you get totally 6 blocks in one cake), blend them with hot water and put it in my hair although it was messy. It doesn't feel sticky at all or has that "chemical" feeling ordinary hair colors have. I had it in my hair for 5 hour before I rinsed it out with water. As I wrote before I didn't see any difference but my hair felt healthy and shiny. I read that you sometimes have to color your hair 2-3 times go get a darker result so now I am sitting here a second time and this time I blend the color with hot coffee instead of water and I had more coffee in it than I had water the last time because I wanted it to be more loose in the consistence, last time it became so goddamn messy with crumbs of Henna all over the bathroom floor. This time it was way more easier to put it in my hair, and I only used ONE block and it was enough for my hair. I was thinking of just coloring and focus on my roots this time but since I did the mix more loose it reached out to all my hair - great! So if it works better this time I have two more blocks to use. Saving money. ;) And if it doesn't work I will probably test some ordinary "black" Henna from other places I have found. Only cruelty-free of course.


  1. Det blir nog färg efter några färgningar men frågan är väl om man måste färga varje efterväxt flera gånger och? Låter extremt jobbigt!

    1. Ja, det är ju frågan det! Jag hoppas det sitter bättre nu när jag blandade i kaffe. Det är iaf mörkare nu. För färga utväxten flera gånger och 3-5 timmar varje gång blir ju extremt jobbigt, och dyrt.