Monday, December 3, 2012

Our home

I haven't show you much pictures of our home, have I? Anyway, here are some random pics of some of the rooms in our home. Picture above is, of course, the bedroom. We have a balcony outside where we put up the yearly blue lights on the other day. It will be Christmas soon and this weekend we have fixed a bit in the rooms like changing curtains and stuff to give the home a more Christmas-feeling. Not in a christian way (it is not their feast from the beginning anyway), we celebrate Christmas thinking more in a pagan way.


 A part of the livingroom. Movies, mostly horror-movies

 Gremlins and stuff. ^^

 Our sweet baby Chucky and between some serial killers Sara has been collecting.

 Important: the cat's place in the kitchen where they eat. <3

 A wall with fangs. And guess who's in the photo?

Sara's Elisabeth Bathory-doll

Me and Alice Cooper, not in the same time though.

 One of our windows. Zeus loves the stars. <3