Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What's up?

Hi there!
Sorry for being so quiet. Time goes fast... It is early in the morning, the little black cat woke me up,
 and I will soon go to work. This is just a small update of what is happening inmy life for the moment. Saturday me, Saralove and our sweet friend Ninni went to Jönköping to go to a concert where Unleashed played and it was great! We had such hangover the day after although we didn't drink at all, haha. Getting ooold! Sara drove us all the way to Jkpg, and home! She was so tired and I completely understand that - thank you, darling! <3

I just need to tell you that week ago Sara bought me a NES at a secondhand store! And that included Super Mario Bros and two hand controls. She cleaned everything and everything is working soo fine! HAPPY! She has a NES of her own and my family too, but this is my OWN. ;) 

I have been buying almost every christmas gifts niw I think, feels great! Yesterday we bought all food for Christmas. Have to be prepared, you know. :) Maybe getting a christmas tree today or tomorrow from our own forest?

On Friday it is the Winter solstice (right word?) and of course we are going to celebrate that - in a pagan way.

I have no time to write more this time, have to get a move on!

Bye, bye!

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