Sunday, September 30, 2012

Testing... write something here via my phone. Did it work? ;)

Turtle nails!

 My sweet sister sent me these pictures a while ago. Turtle nails!

...and converse nails! So pretty! :D I just had to put them up here. I really miss her and hope to see her soon. <3


Last weekend we finally, after several months, ordered a bunch of make up products from wonderful elf. As I have written in posts before (maybe only in Swedish and if so I apologise, hehe) elf is a place where you can find everything when it comes to make up and nail polish. They have really good prices and then I mean really good prices. The products are not tested on animals.

At these pictures I have only been using make up and tools from elf. :)

Here are the produtcs I bought for about 22 Euro (200 kronor). That's not bad!

- liquid black eyeliner
- kohl eyeliner (elf studio)
- nail polish "smokin' hot"
- eyelid primer "sheer"
- lip stain "red carpet"
- all over cover stick "ivory"
- clarifying pressed powder

...and brightening eye colour "drama" I forgot when I took the picture but you can see it on the other picture below.

...and here are the products I have used for this make up (cat not included).

The main reason I ordered this time was for the lip stain I've been longing for, for a long time now. I really like it! It dries quickly and as long as you don't wear the gloss that belongs to it (because that makes it messy) it stays in place for hours. Many years ago I used Max Factor's Lip Finity but I really can't find any info about how they test their products (if you have any info about that please tell me!) and I only use non-animal-tested products and don't want to take chances.

Today's music

Today me and our cats were listening to this LP I got from my lovely Sara the other day. Thank you! <3 It sounded great and I'm so happy for having it in my collection.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


As I wrote in a previous post I woke up with a (goddamn) cold Sunday morning and I'm still sick and home from work. Hoping to be back tomorrow. I had promised myself not to do the same mistake I did last year when I worked at several kindergartens. I got sick from all the bacterials and other fun stuff from the sweet children, hehe, and didn't give a damn about it because I really needed the money. The punishment was that I never got better but still worked (idiot) and after a while I was completely exhausted. Do you recognize this? I think it's all too common people do this to themselves. But I'm really going to avoid that kind of stupidness from now on because I missed more days from work at that time when I finally didn't come out of bed and had to call me in sick than I had missed if I just had been smart staying at home one day or two in the beginning of it. But then I didnt know I was going to get some workingdays later... Gah, it is not easy being reserve in case the ordinary workers take time off/are sick. You never know. ^^

Today we are celebrating Zeus who turns 10 years old - Horraaayyy!! :)

~My Sweet Sara~

Edited by me

Happy birthday Zeus!

I know this is a hard day for many people. But a year after the tragedy in the USA, this little cute angel was born and today he turns 10 years old! This is me and Zeus taking a walk. :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My weekend

Our sweet son Chucky had to stay at home

We went to visit our friends Ninni and Johnny yesterday evening. I had a great time with my woman, the nice people there although I was bad talking to everybody, and their super-cute rottweiler dogs. <3 Unfortunaly two of our friends Siv and Carro couldn't join us, hope to see you some other day soon! 
   Sadly I was quite tired because of the autumn-dark weather, and this morning I woke up with a cold so it wasn't weird at all I was extra-tired. :) Me and Sara weren't drinking alcohol (we got some soda from Ninni that tasted sooo good!) because we were driving, actually my sweet Sara drove us both to the place and back home - thank you! <3

Today we are spending the day at home. Sara listens to records she got for really good prices at the premiere-opening of a record store, Jack Daw Records, in a town nearby where she helped the owner selling records yesterday. :) She was reeeeally pleased when she got home and had even bought one vinyl for me:

Thanks, Honey! :)

Christian Death

I have recently listened a lot to the American deathrock-band called Christian Death and I really like it, as usual. I have listened to them for about 10-12 years now but I have been bad collecting all records that I want to have from them, when Rozz Williams, who started the band at the age of 16, still is the vocalist.

For you who haven't listened to this great band yet, Rozz Williams (born 1963 as Roger Alan Painter, the name Rozz Williams he took from a gravestone he found at a cemetary) started the band in the late 70's. They were signed to Frontier Records wich released "Only Theatre of Pain" in 1982 and that was their debut album. There is of course a lot more you can read about them. If you are interested click right here.

The name "Christian Death" was a play on words of "Christian Dior", the fashion designer. 

Rozz Williams committed suicide in 1998. I have a CD at home wich is a tribute to him where bands like for example Laibach have made own mixed versions of songs that he sings on.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

If you want to try to look like Edward Scissorhands...

...check this video out! It's made by dope2111 (on youtube) who is incredibly talented when it comes to make up and does her looks completely different from each other. You should really take a look at her channel where she does looks like Angelina Jolie, Princess Zelda, Jessica Rabbit and many, many more people/characters.